Thursday, May 25, 2017

Raw Mango Pulp recipe that can be stored for an year

It's Summer. When thinking of summer, we remember holidays and Mangoes. We will have lot's of  raw and ripe mangoes around. Today, let's see how to store raw mango pulp for an year.

We can use this pulp in curries, dal recipes and in chutneys. We can store this pulp for 6 months in refrigerator or for 1 year in freezer.

In my In-Laws house, there was an mango tree with bunches of mangoes, proudly looking at us, so we grabbed some of them and made into pulp :-).

Time for preparing this recipe will vary depending on the quantity. But, it worth a try as we can use this for an year. It been 8 months since we prepared the pulp, so I stored the remaining pulp in the freezer.

Raw Mango Pulp recipe that can be stored for an year


Turmeric powder


Clean the mangoes and remove the skin.
Cut into thin medium slices.
Take heavy bottomed vessel and cook mangoes by adding little salt and turmeric powder.
Mix meanwhile so that the bottom won't stick.
Mango pieces will turn soft and on further cooking, mango pieces will be mashed while mixing.
Cook until the pulp was thick. Pulp should not be thin and there should not be any water.
Let it cool and store in a glass bottle.
Refrigerate for 6 months or store in freezer for an year.

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