Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Banana Avocado Icecream

This afternoon, i sat on my coach viewing through the window at the tree in front of  my house,listing to the beautiful sounds made by some birds,thinking what a pleasant  summer afternoon.Suddenly, i memorized my childhood summer days. I love summer,when i am a kid. I wonder which kid don't like summer and summer holidays.
                    I still remember the mango tree in my neighbours house,kids throwing stones at the tree for the mangoes, listening to cuckoo's sweet voice, trying to make the sound "KU KU" like cuckoo,as we make the kuku sound,the cuckoo used to sing loudly and continuously.Funny, lovely days.Oops,i forget one thing "ICE-CREAM". Ice-cream, made by my mom. I love it. Summer and the home made ice-cream the best combination for me in the world.
                    But making ice-cream, time consuming. Eating ice-cream, we have to check for calories.I want to make ice-cream that has low calories and one day my sis told me that she made ice-cream with mango,then i started searching for ice-cream made with fruits without using cream.Finally i got the recipe,i made it and my hubby love it.
                    I want to share with all  of you, a simple and healthy 5 min ice-cream recipe.


  • Avocado -  1
  • Bananas-2 (we can use 1 mango instead of bananas)
  • Ice cubes - 7
  • Milk - 1/4 cup
  • Sugar or Date syrup - as desired.(optional)


  • Scoop the avocado,peel the mango.
  • Blend all the ingredients in blender to smooth. If needed add more milk. 
  • Blend on High. Better to do this on High for shorter duration than lower speed/longer duration.
  • Serve it chill.
  • Store the remaining in a container in the freezer.  Mixture will freeze solid in the freezer and if so, let thaw for 5 minutes on counter-top until you can scoop it out.

Note: After a week, this ice cream had not turned brown even though avocados tend to oxidize rapidly.  And, the flavor still tasted spot-on.

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